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stuff i like, part of my subconscious.

Roland Topor

Eva HesseRight After, 1969.


  Motoi Yamamoto’s Crumbling Staircase made of salt.

Prof. H.C. Berann ~ “Meditation”

Ien Levin ~ “La Meurte”

At first, it was just solution of making new IDcard and having no photo… so I used photo from old IDcard. When I took off plastic film, this happend. Year ago, I’ve done the same thing, so there is somewhere my another shadow. The photo is getting brighter, it’s just fadeing away - every year, more and more. I’m getting older and my projection of myself in my head from time when the photo was taken is getting brighter and brighter. Same as photo on my ID card. Sometimes, in some situations I have feeling like some parts of my personality are leaving me and I can see them and feel them vanishing. I don’t think it’s bad thing - it’s just part of living. And maybe, after about 40 years I’ll look back to my past and I’ll see myself like this - just shadows.

Crimson Escape by rafa-insane