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stuff i like, part of my subconscious.

People walk across a row of chairs to avoid flood waters in Paris, 1924

Art by [shakdesign]

This photo from the 1870s shows a man proudly standing in front of a mountain of tens of thousands of bison skulls - an iconic American species that was systematically slaughtered by the millions as European Americans settled the west. Without the bison, the resisting tribes of the Great Plains would either be forced to leave or die of starvation.

On Fire by Lauren Cohen

Listen your body

I thought about people who hurt and kill animals for fun or because they like this kind of violence. I’ve seen many videos where humans torture small dogs, cats or they just beat them to death. Senseless suffering… So i thought about situation where humans are in animals role and animals hafe fun with killing people. And this is it. Two cats made a fire on human body … Just relaxing, enjoying the murder in warm from flames. Maybe waiting for meat? …

Odd Nerdrum  detail   www.nerdrummuseum.com